Sea Salt & Spice


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Used in Judaism as both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, and a way to bestow good fortune upon one another. A traditional farewell can be לך לשלום Lech L’Shalom or צֵאתְכֶם לְשָׁלוֹם Tzeitchem l’shalom which means” Go in peace, depart in peace”, or “May your departure be in peace”. Shalom means peace, and is symbolically representative of tranquility, prosperity, harmony, and much more. It leaves one with a sense of wholeness and completion.  


No.32 Sea Salt & Spice

Fresh, savory fragrance with notes of the ocean air. 

Sea Salt & Spice fragrances represent the spice markets by the sea in Tel Aviv.

Shalom – a Hebrew word meaning peace. It can also be used as a greeting to mean both “Hello” and “Goodbye” and is symbolically representative of tranquility, prosperity, completeness, and much more.

– Porcelain Glass
– 4x4x4 Inch Vessel
– 11 Ounces with 60+ Hour Burn
– Silky Sheen with Ethereal Glow
– Ash Rigid Box with Matte Finish
– Hand Poured in the USA
– Rigid Box Set
– Benefiting Birthright Israel

Porcelain Glass

Hand Poured in North Carolina

60+ Hour Burn

‎'ה תשודק

Box Set

As Bold As Israel

Kedushat Hashem