Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov
Mint & Hyacinth

Mazel Tov

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A refreshing and cooling green fragrance with multifaceted floral notes. The blessing of "Borei Isvei Vi'samim" is said over these fragrant plants.

No.77 Mint & Hyacinth

The Talmud commands us to give thanks to G-D when we catch the aromas of mint & hyacinth.

– Porcelain Glass
– 4x4x4 Inch Vessel
– 11 Ounces with 60+ Hour Burn
– Silky Sheen with Ethereal Glow
– Ash Rigid Box with Matte Finish
– Hand Poured in the USA
– Rigid Box Set
– Benefiting Birthright Israel

Porcelain Glass

Hand Poured in North Carolina

60+ Hour Burn

‎'ה תשודק

Box Set

As Bold As Israel

Kedushat Hashem